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Online Live Training Programs

Best Online Stock Market Courses & Training

Learn How to Invest & Trade in Stock Market Online

The largest-selling short-term online stock market courses in India for beginners to learn the stock market, share trading tactics, and share market psychology with a simplistic approach.

That will help you master how to trade stocks like a professional.

We offer Following online Training Programs:


Stock Market Mastery

Stock Market Mastery is a 15 hours program suitable for individuals who are new to stock markets or thinking of entering Stock market, this program perfectly suits your requirement. This Course has been prepared to provide knowledge about Equity, F & O, commodities and Currency Markets along with Basic Technical Analysis, Also if you are already dabbling in the market over the last few months but finding it difficult to trade and invest confidently this program is ideal.

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The Ultimate Traders Program

The ultimate Traders Program is a 23 hours Program, This Program is designed for individuals who seek to become “Professional Traders” which means they would like to generate income from active trading predominantly in stock markets. This course covers from the basics to advanced levels with an array of learning topics related to Equity, F & O, Commodities and Currency Markets along with Basic and Advance Technical Analysis.

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Here are some of the benefits of our online training courses

Online classes (E-learning) is a new and innovative way of taking classes which transformed the scope of learning and development. Online courses are a great revolutionary change that has opened new opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something new. The basic advantages of online courses are:

  • Students can join our course from anywhere in India and Abroad
  • 1-1 user interface to clear doubts and queries
  • 1-1 personal interaction for better understanding of the topic
  • Low cost & highly effective courses as zero travelling expenses incurred.
  • Flexibility in timings throughout the day.
  • After course, proper guidance to ensure that the students are on the right path.

You can now learn and train yourself in the art of stock market trading, sitting at your home, office. We at ICSM, offers its classroom ambience through the online Stock Market Training Course.

We at ICSM , have extensively designed the stock market training online course to cater to the demands of College students , working professional , housewives , freelancers and off-shore traders who have no time to attend classroom sessions. We understand that many stock traders still reel under confusion and doubt of making it big in the stock exchange trading. For those who have trouble pooling in resources or courage to attend the classroom courses. Our ICSM platform is the apt destination. Our students and participants access our services and course curriculum from not just India, but all over the world. Our course designers and live lecturers ensure that the entire security analysis is taught with an easy & statistical approach. It helps in understanding the market trends. You can now accurately anticipate the movements in Stock, Commodity, Forex Market, and Movements in Intra – Day, Short and Mid Term Trade.

Why join the crowd, when you can avail our Online Technical Analysis Course in Lucknow, from your living area?

In Today’s time, knowledge remains the core competence to succeed in any field. This hold true especially when it comes to the investment & trading in Financial Markets, with the internet boom, information is made available to people with in seconds. However, even though accessing information has become easier, understanding the relevance of each information has become very important. We at ICSM believe that distance should never come in the way of learning. Hence we are training people from all over the country through our online training courses. Now you can sit at home at any place in the world and learn how to maximize your profits! This course will continue to be a personal training program which means that it will be a 1-1 course.