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ICSM - Institute of Career In Stock Market is a market leader in the segment of Financial Market Education. ICSM is an advanced Research Institute established in 2016 . You are trained in a classroom and groomed in a reputed company and you become job ready for the exciting opportunities. ICSM - INSTITUTE OF CAREER IN STOCK MARKET is the pioneer and market leader in the field of Financial Markets courses who are providing unique career opportunities to trained and skilled people who could drive this capital market revolution and achieve their goals. At ICSM our short term job oriented courses and state of art online trading facilities caters the need of an individual to earn money from the Stock Markets.

Now a days working in Financial Market is extremely challenging but also rewarding. Those who aspire to deal or work in the financial market need to acquire specialized knowledge, skill and attitudes. We at ICSM believe that today's players in financial market need to inculcate in themselves an analytical orientation to understand and analyze complex market (domestic and international) while at the same time possess an action orientation and broad point of view. Our educational programme is anchored around that philosophy. Our programme is guided by our vision, mission and core values. This programme is carefully designed to develop our students into successful trader or entrepreneurs, who can create wealth for their organization or for themselves. To achieve excellence in imparting quality education, we employ qualified and committed faculty. We also take services of industry experts time to time and they share their experiences. Our faculties are continuously working to keep themselves abreast of contemporary developments.

We offer industry requisite courses, which largely benefits students as well as working professionals in choosing, exploring, and propelling their careers in the financial industry. Our courses are specifically designed for students, working professionals, housewives, and retired personnel.ICSM- Institute of Career In Stock Market is backed by its dedicated group of professionals who are active participants in financial markets and have decades of experience in this field. Also, it shares its pride for being an excellent institute of Technical Analysis training. Thus ICSM as an institute of stock trading has been highly appreciated for its endeavor to equip its students with the latest techniques and methods used in trading and has been rated the best institute of stock market.

Mission and Vision

“Our mission is to inform, inspire, and empower people to be their best -- both personally and professionally."
“We will be premier financial education community for people who seek an enriched lifestyle.”
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin


Director: ICSM Lucknow

Dear Prospective Students,

     It is indeed my privilege to open for you the doors of ICSM and take you to the world of endless possibilities in the field of trading.

In today’s ever-changing Era the origin of financial market and its related aspects especially the stock market have relatively changed. Therefore, it is highly challenging to make money in this perfectly competitive market. Stock market education and skill development is not concerned with text book knowledge and attaining highly paid jobs but also developing sensitivity for creating opportunities for different aspirants.

The Indian Economy is one of the World’s fastest growing economy and expected to become US $5 Trillion economy by 2022. As we know stock market plays a significant role in the health of economy .thus growth of stock market determines the prosperity of the stock market .As there are thousands of stocks in stock Market . It can be a daunting task deciding which stock to invest in . Many people loose trust in brokers and financial Institution . They are looking for solutions which would give them confidence in their post retirement life. We aim at providing direction to such people by educating them about the pros and cons of market and providing solution to their problems such as - Where to Invest ? What to Invest? How to Invest ? We inculcate skills among the participants which they need to flourish in today’s market.

ICSM is a leading provider of education and trading in financial market. ICSM aims at enlightening a sense of investment among people by providing adequate education and financial literacy.

ICSM provides best guidance by fostering appropriate trading skills within the stakeholders. ICSM modules intents to enhance the caliber of people working in various segments of the economy.

ICSM is an institute which insights at providing professionals with requisite knowledge for functioning in pivotal capital market. ICSM caters to different needs of people by focusing on various aspects such as Equity , Derivatives and Technical Analysis . ICSM provides organized learning and imparts appropriate career path to various aspirants .

Peace and Joy....